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Here you'll find some concrete steps (some simple, some a bit more involved) to take to protect yourself and your information. At the end, there are links to more guides and resources.

What to do

Suggested Tools: Selection & Criteria

We recommend only a small subset of all available tools - the ones we consider "the best" for most users with

How to evaluate which cryptographic tools to use?

In summary, our list below includes tools that are not too hard to use, preferably open source, with good enough crypto, preferably cheap or free.

Also see the EFF Surveillance Self-Defense Guide on Choosing Your Tools and Seven Steps To Digital Security.

xkcd on: Security and the Weakest Link

xkcd: Security

from: "xkcd" by Randall Munroe at xkcd.com

What to do: Mac

What to do: Mac - today

What to do: Mac - If you have a Weekend

What to do: Windows

What to do: Windows - Today

What to do: Windows - If you have a Weekend

What to do: iOS

What to do: iOS - Today

What to do: iOS - If you have a Weekend

What to do: Android

What to do: Android - Today

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What to do: Android - If you have a Weekend

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