This is an introduction to basic information security practices ("InfoSec101") for professionals dealing with sensitive information, such as journalists, doctors, lawyers, counselors, political activists, and so forth. Contents:


  1. InfoSec101. How can you keep your information private and secure? An introduction (covering more secure passwords, browsing, chatting, etc.), including a curated, commented list of recommended software.

  2. What to do next. A concrete list of some quick and simple steps, for users of computers (OS X, Windows), and smart phones (iOS, Android), and a list of further guides.

  3. If you're not yet convinced that one ought to care about Information Security, there is some background, motivation, examples, and quotes.

  4. If you wish, you can read more on the technical background.


This short presentation was given to the Foreign Correspondents Club in HK in February 2015. Here is an alternative version, somewhat drier, but more comprehensive.



These documents are intended as a supplement to an introductory talk on Information Security for (non-IT) professionals.



Feedback from Joseph Bonneau, Dr Melanie Bryan, Silkie Carlo, Nan-Hie In, Michael Lee, Pete Membrey, Larry Salibra, Max Veytsman, Leonhard Weese gratefully acknowledged.